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Institute for Single Crystals

Institute for Single Crystals of NAS of Ukraine has more than a half century history and it is one of the recognized leaders in:

• material engineering - creation of new crystal materials for optics, laser technology, electronics, radiation detection and other applications;
• basic research of the structure, physical and physicochemical properties of single crystals, thin films, nanomaterials;
• development and improvement of high-tech equipment and methods of single crystals growing for various applications.

Long experience of research, search for optimum procedures and development of high technologies allows us to obtain dielectric, semiconducting, ferroelectric and other types of crystals of the highest quality. Research and Development of the Institute are in high demand in the world - this is evidenced by our plentiful, growing from year to year, scientific and industrial contacts, participation in major international scientific experiments, the expansion of foreign economic activity based on the established high-tech. A distinguishing feature of the Institute is a complete cycle of scientific development - from idea, through research, to creation of the materials and their implementation in production.

Last news
Mortar and pestle from especially pure sapphire 11.09.2015

Mortar is designed for crushing substances which can not be milled in the ceramic or metallic mortars. Made from single crystal of  synthetic sapphire.
External diameter – 80mm, height – 41mm, hemisphere diameter – 65mm.
Dimensions can be corrected according to customer.

Step-terrace structure on the vicinal (0001) surface of sapphire substrates are fabricated 21.04.2015

The sapphire substrates (0001) with nanostructured surface with uniform distribution of terraces and steps in width from 38 to 2000 nm are fabricated. The width of steps increases with decreasing the angle of deflection geometric surface from a crystallographic plane. Height of steps nearby 0.22нм.

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