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Materials and Products - Large-Size Sapphire Crystals

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Optical Round Sapphire Windows and Blanks

Optical sapphire windows and blanks with diameter from 10 to 350 mm and thickness to 40 mm

Size, mmDiameter to 350, thickness to 40
Accuracy of preparation, mm
in diameter
in thickness

Blocks, twins, twin layers and cracks, inclusions that are visible in polarized lightNot allowed
Flatness≤ 2-3 λ at the length 25 mm (λ=633 nm)
Roughness of the polished surfaces (Ra), ÅFrom 2 to 100
Quality of the polished surfaces by MIL-0-13830AS/D - 80/50, 60/40, 40/20, 20/10
Transmission (%):
visible and IR spectral region (to 4,5 μm)
UV spectral region (0,2 μm)

Internal voltages, kg/mm2≤2
Crystallographic orientation

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