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Sapphire Scalpels

Sapphire in medicine - new unique possibilities.

Achievements in microsurgery are to a significant extent defined by the sharpness of the cutting instrument which in its turn depends on the hardness of the material. Diamond is too expensive. The second after diamond in hardness is sapphire.

Sapphire scalpels owing to their sharpness are less traumatic than metallic ones and a lower pressure is required for tissue puncture and cutting lower is loss of endothelial cells.

Serial microscalpels with angles 65°, 45°, 30°, 20° and articles to the individual orders can be provided.

Main applications:

- ophthalmology;

- neurosurgery;

- cosmetology;

- general surgery.

For some operations conducted under microscope it is more convenient to use more contrasting microscalpels of blue sapphire.

Microscalpels and abdominal scalpels of different modifications are produced of colorless and blue sapphire.

The price of articles is much lower than that of analogous diamond ones.

New: sapphire scalpel with laser light.

Transparency of blades allows to realize a unique possibility to insert laser beam via flexible light guide directly into incision. Besides the therapeutic effect and visualization of the edge there appeared a possibility to illuminate and determine capillary vascular and other anatomic formations in the cutting area, which is especially important in microsurgery. Scalpel is workable for incision with necessary depth and arrangement of nervous and vessels.

Standard set consist of a handle and 10 microblades.

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