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Shaped sapphire is grown by Stepanov as practically fabricated elements (pipes, ribbons, prisms, etc.). This method also differs by significantly better productivity compared with other methods.

Institute for Single Crystals use "Spectr-DM”-type plant with the growth process television control for the growth of sapphire crystals by Stepanov.


Shaped sapphire is grown by Stepanov almost as fabricated elements. Form or elements of the form of the crystal are created first in the melt through a variety of methods that allow to the melt to maintain a given shape. Form-builder is made from the metal, which does not interact with the melt. The formed amount of the melt is transferred to the solid state by pulling on a seed in the chosen mode of crystallization.

Stepanov method and its modifications allow to obtain products from profiled sapphire practically of any form: the tube of round, square, ellipse and other cross-sections, capillaries, ribbons, prisms, H and Π-shaped profiles, rods, angles, nozzles, multi-channel blocks, monolithic products of the complex configuration with an internal cavity, screws, crucibles, boats, and others which need, if necessary, minimal mechanical treatment. Stepanov method differs from other melt methods by the rate of the heat rejection from the zone of crystallization, which allows to grow at high speeds. Pulling rate can be varied in a wide range.

In addition, Stepanov method has several other advantages:

• the possibility of use the telecontrol for the growth zone;
• resistant to a short-run disturbance of the growth conditions;
• high productivity.

A new stage in the development of Stepanov method is the development of technological methods and devices that allow growing the complex constructional elements with changing configurations of the growing shape.

Another direction of Stepanov method development - growing of crystals group for one technological cycle. Group method is used usually for growing of single crystals of one size.

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