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Bridgman method under high pressure of inert gas allows to grow single crystals of highly volatile substances, what are for example II-VI compounds. The main advantage of vertical Bridgman crystal growth process among other crystal growth techniques is its simplicity.

Crystal growth furnace to implement the high pressure Bridgman crystal growth technology for II-VI crystal growth from melt is available to be ordered and customized for selected crystal material.

Researchers and technologists from Institute for Single Crystals solve a number of technological problems, which are the key for II-VI crystal growth from melt (e.g. ZnSe and CdZnTe) by high pressure Bridgman method. Among these problems first of all were the development of crystal growth furnace design to implement the optimal conditions of crystal growth process. Complex studies of obtained crystals were carried out and results were used to optimize the technological equipment and crystal growth technology.

In the Institute for Single Crystals growth furnaces were designed and manufactured for different crystal growth techniques based on vertical Bridgman crystal growth technology to obtain the wide set of II-VI crystal materials, including Cd1-XZnXTe, ZnSe, ZnS, ZnTe, CdTe, CdSe, ZnSe:Cr, Zn1-XMgXSe, (Zn1-XMgXSe):Cr, etc.

Crystal growth furnace for obtaining CZT crystals by high-pressure Bridgman method    Crystal growth furnace for obtaining ZnSe crystals by high-pressure Bridgman method

Specifications of high pressure crystal growth furnace
Maximal diameter of the growing crystal, mm50
Height of the crystalline boule, mm100...150
Working pressure of inert gas, atm1...150
Maximal temperature in the crystallization zone, °C1900
Amount of the control thermal area3
Temperature gradient on crystallization front, °C/cm5...50
Speed of crucible moving at crystallization, mm/h0.15...15

The application in the construction of the plants of two independent heaters significantly improved the crystallinity and purity of the obtained crystals due to levelling of the crystallization front, as well as useful increase the yield of the material.
Zn isoconcentrates (conform to the shape of the crystallization front) in crystals Cd1-XZnXTe, grown under different thermal conditions. The number beside each curve indicates the value of x in a percentage.


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