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Monodisperse Spherical Heteroparticles Nano-powders of "Core-Shell" Type


New nanohybride films for emissive layers of white electroluminescence divices

New thin film electroluminescence material on the base of the  polymer photoconductor  and  the semiconductor nanocrystals is developed. The colour characteristics regulation of the prepared OLED with that emissive materials was provided by of the nanocrystals concentration variation in polymer matrices. The white colour emission effect have been obtained by the simultaneous electroluminescence of two additional colour: blue (λмакс =440 нм) colour from the polymer emission and yellow-red one from (λмакс=610 нм)  from the nanocrystals. The following electroluminescence parameters were obtained for the standard OLED architecture and the cell size 2х3,5 mm2: threshold electrode potential Ut=8,2 V; electroluminescence efficiency ηA= 1,9 Кд/A, luminance L=2,6·103 Кд/м2, the colour coordinates -  X=0,36; Y=0,38 at U=11V.

7_LEDElectroluminescence cell 2x3.5 mm2 with the nanohybride active layer emitting white color radiation with the luminance 2.6 ·103 Cd/m2 at U=11V.
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