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Sapphire Substrates for Micro- and Optoelectronics


New scintillation ceramics Lu2O3:Eu3+ has been fabricated

Lu2O3:Eu3+ optical ceramics with relative density of 98±2 % and average grain size of 50 mm has been produced (fig.1). In-line transmittance of Lu2O3:Eu3+ ceramics achieves 41 % @ 611 nm what is comparable to that of hot pressed samples (fig.2). Europium-doped lutetium ceramics provides nearly 3 times the integrated light output of conventional Bi4Ge3O12  scintillator, that is 25000 photons/MeV.



Fig.1. 1 mm-thick Lu2O3:Eu3+ optical ceramics Fig.2. In-line transmittance of 1 mm thick Lu2O3:Eu3+ vacuum sintered (VS) and hot isostatic pressed ceramics (HIP)

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