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Monodisperse Spherical Heteroparticles Nano-powders of "Core-Shell" Type


Optical sapphire disks for digital information storage are made

Sapphire disks which can be used as optical carriers for storage, dessimination and archiving of the digital information are made.
   Sapphire optical disk can store information for tens of thousands of years. Disc was developed by scientists of the Institute for Information Recording of NAS in collaboration with the Institute for Single Crystals. Due to the unique sapphire properties the development will solve the problem of long-term storage of information. Sapphire can withstand high temperatures (up to 2000oC), and almost equal in hardness to diamond.
   Sapphire disks satisfy the requirements for recording and have the following specifications:
     Diameter 80 mm, thickness 0.7 mm,
     Crystallographic orientation (0001)±5 ang.min.,
     Full width at half maximum (FWHM)) - 6-9 ang.sec.,
     Dislocation density of <104 sm-2,
     Absence of low-angle boundaries of blocks,
     Surface roughness (Ra) 0.2-0.3 nm,
     Quality of the polished surfaces by MiL-0-13830A  S/D-20/10
15_CD disks
Sapphire optical disks for record of the digital information. Diameter 80mm, thickness 0.7mm.

15_CD disk.jpg Sapphire disc with recorded music.

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